UK need to get up to speed with social recruiting strategy

You own a business. You need good people who will make your business successful. But hiring people is a costly process.

Not anymore. Social media networking might be lots of things, but it’s also an essential tool to find and connect to the people you need to take your company to the next level. Employees referral and search, while being time and money efficient is your goal.

Social recruiting is your tool to reach that goal. Since social recruiting is still at the beginning, we’re publishing the research findings conducted by a social recruiting software provider. As shown below, businesses are on the right track but there is still a lot to be done to improve businesses’ recruitment strategy.

Recruitment software provider Zartis conducted a research that shows that the UK are falling behind compared to the US when it comes to using the web and social media for what is now known as social recruiting.

LinkedIn is still the most popular social network among recruiters and companies looking to hire new staff.

One quarter of US companies directly advertise job vacancies on the popular site (25%) while only 14% of UK companies place job ads on LinkedIn.

Twitter usage for recruiting purposes is lower compared to leading social media network, LinkedIn. Only 9% of UK companies use the microblogging site to promote vacancies, whereas 23% of US companies are actively tweeting about job openings.

According to Zartis, these findings could be associated to the fact that more US companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) which often offer an automatic posting feature to Twitter. Most employee referral programs also result in an increase in the use of Twitter for recruitment purposes.

Despite its 750m users, Facebook is the least-used network. Only one UK company out of those surveyed lists jobs on Facebook. The US number is also low, with four companies posting job openings on Facebook.

An encouraging finding 61% of UK companies are advertising jobs on their own website. However, only 11% are using an applicant tracking system, or anything other than email, to receive and manage job applications.

Looking at the US, a slightly higher amount of companies (68%) advertise new roles on their websites. Notably, their use of applicant tracking systems is more than double than UK usage at 23%.

Social recruiting is a sector with massive potential for growth, and the survey results suggests it’s only the beginning.

How was the research conducted?

Zartis used the Sunday Times FastTrack 100 list for UK companies, and the Red Herring top companies list for US companies. Zartis selected every second company on the list to get to 100, then visited every site and analysed the companies’ use of web and social media for recruitment.

I’d like to see social recruiting software like Zartis to be used more and more as they empower SMEs worldwide with much needed tools to save on recruitment fees while helping with finding great quality candidates. Zartis has also put together other resources such as an interesting ebook about “Five great online recruitment strategies” and a free Social media policy download on their site.

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